Choosing keywords for your Niche

Keywords are the life and blood of your blog. You visitors can find your blog only when you have used right keywords on your blog. If you have used wrong keywords, they can’t find your blog, even though you have loaded valuable information on your blog.

When visitors are looking for something, they type some words on search box. These words which user type to find something are called key words. Google stores all the keywords which visitors use to find things. for every keywords, google searches all those websites on the basis of relevant keywords, and then arranges all these websites in a series, and then shows the top ten of them on the first page on the search. This is how google helps a visitor. A visitor usually clicks on few of the top websites shown by google.

It is very important for success of your blog that your blog is found by google for certain keywords when a visitors types those keyword for google search. You can do so only when you find out what the keywords which the visitors of your niche frequently use. This concept is the core essence for success of your blog. You need to learn to work with keywords. And it is easy.

There are following two great tools available to work with keywords:

1. Google Keyword tool (Free Tool)
2. (only first month Free)

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