Choosing the Niche for your Blog

What if you do what you like the most and also make money in this process. In that case, you will never need to work hard, because you will be enjoying your job and it will not seem hardwork to you. This is possible with your blog.

You can turn your passion, hobby, expertise or experience in your money making blog. You need to know a little more than what most people know about a topic and you can create a blog on that topic and with some research on that topic you can provide valuable information on your blog about a topic. This will attract visitors and you can convert traffic into money.

How to Choose a niche?

Make a list of following things:

  • your passion
  • you other hobbies
  • your expertise
  • your good experiences
  • your bad experiences
  • the kind of books you like
  • the kind of movies you like
  • what you can teach other

Your topic can be weird. But you know there are millions of people around the world who like to do the same weird things.

So dont’t stop your imagination and keep writing things in your list.

When you are done with your list, select top five topics about which you have information more than other topics.

Getting from Niche to key words

Now you have 5 niches. Lets explore them to know whether they will do good on internet for you.

For each niche, write 5 words which are commonly used in the people involved in that niche. Like if your niche is dogs, write 5 words or phrases which are generally used by people who love dogs and deal with dogs. Like you can write: pet dogs, dog breeds, dog food etc.

Now you have 5 niches with few keywords each.

Lets go to the next step and find out whether there are enough visitors in each of your 5 niches.
Click the link below:

Are there enough Visitors in your niche?

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