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Host is a person who receives other people as guests. In the internet world, a host is a company (service provider) who provides you space for keeping and operating your blog files so that your blog can be displayed to your visitor.

These hosting companies have their own websites, where you can create an account and buy their hosting service. Some of these hosting companies also give one domain name free with purchase of their hosting service. There are various kinds of hosting plans, like shared hosting, dedicated hosting etc. Although you can start with their basic (cheapest) plan, yet you may choose a better plan if you can afford it.

The hosting charges vary largely from host to host, and it also depends on a few other add on services like security etc. You can also choose the duration of the hosting service. In a general estimated sense, most of the basic hosting service are available for around Rs.350/- per month. You should buy at least an Annual Plan, which you may get for Rs.4000-5000/-. There are two reasons for that for that. Firstly, your blog remains alive on the web without any break. Secondly, annual plans are usually cheaper than monthly plans. If you have taken a monthly plan, your blog will be displayed for one month and then it will be dropped unless you renew well in time.

Some of the most popular, established and economical hosting providers are:

You can also buy domain names from these providers. Some of the provides provide one domain name free with purchase of a hosting account.

How to create an account on the Hosting Providers:

Let us start with an example of You can click this link to go to and follow the following steps:

Once you have created a hosting account, it is time to get familiar with the control panel page of your host, which is usually called cPanel.

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