Planning your Blog

This is the most important part of the creating and starting a blog. Your success or failure largely depend son this step.

What should I plan?

You need to plan following things:

1. What will be the niche (area or subject) of your blog?

2. What are the keywords used by the visitors to search (on Google) your niche?

3. Are there enough visitors interested in your niche?

4. How strong or weak are the other competing blogs or websites in your niche?

5. Is there enough monetizing potential in your niche?

This is a purely mental work. You need to brainstorm and come up with ideas. You can involve your friend, spouse or a family member in the brain storming. This will really help you. You need to explore each of above questions so that you know what should you expect out of your blog. Start with a few possible niche options. Start with the first option and explore it. If you choose a niche and it fails on any of the other tests of question no.2-5, explore other niche options. You need to find a niche which reasonably passes the test of question no.2-5.

You can use a note pad or a word or text file to keep writing ideas. The purpose is to create notes of the ideas which run through your mind.

Are you ready, let’s start with finding your niche.

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